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XTRAMENTAL is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong that aims to promote Theatre, Music, Musicals and other interdisciplinary art forms. XTRAMENTAL believes that everyone could enjoy, benefit, understand and express themselves more in performance and participating in various artistic productions.
Since its establishment in 2017, XTRAMENTAL has produced yearly productions and has given over 300 teenagers the opportunities to participate in productions as the roles of actors, musicians, composers, chorus members and backstage workers.
XTRAMENTAL also actively engages schools to promote Drama and Musical education to children, supporting the holistic development of the youth and encouraging kids to discover their creative side.
‘XTRAMENTAL’ is a portmanteau for ‘extraordinary’ and ‘experimental’. Read more about XTRAMENTAL at or on instagram: xtramental_org
Past public productions include:
32 Seconds of Ecstasy (2019)
Chasing Stars The Musical (2019)
Mind and Hours (2018)
Hello To My Hollow Heart (2017)

Founders: Chun To Yeung, Amos Wong, Ngo Yat
Artistic Director: Chun To Yeung
Music Director: Amos Wong
Secretary: Merry Ho
蛋炸饅頭劇場 [ XTRAMENTAL ] 為本地非牟利機構,致力推廣劇場、音樂、音樂劇及跨媒體創作。
XTRAMENTAL 取自「獨特」(extraordinary)和「實驗性」(experimental)。自2017年創立至今,超過300名年輕人參與我們的年度演出,擔任演員、樂隊、合唱團、舞台監督等台前幕後崗位。


《我好像忘記了怎樣笑》 (2019)
《DSE奪夢追星 》音樂劇 (2019)
《我.我們》音樂會 (2018)
Hello To My Hollow Heart (2017)
創辦人: 楊竣淘、王樂行、敖溢
藝術總監: 楊竣淘
音樂總監: 王樂行
秘書: 何旻蔚

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