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Publicity Manager

Avery Choi is the Publicity Manager of XTRAMENTAL. He developed his passion in photography and design while collaborating with Chun To and Amos on different video and theatre productions, which could be traced all the way back in 2012. The flexibility and openness of IB offered him countless opportunities to explore these areas during high school. Being involved in various forms of creative projects, he enjoys how a piece of developed media work could capture the essence of the subject with elegance and playful narratives. He is eager to create a polished piece of his own. Hence he is currently studying Digital Media Arts at the University of Surrey, with the means to expand his technical skillset and pursue his interest. 

His involvement in the field of publicity and promotion began with his role as the Secretary of Promotion in high school’s student council and Photographer in the photography team. He expanded his experience as a Student Media Intern at Mazars, as well as a variety of design and promotional work for societies in University of Surrey, Imperial College London and University of Hong Kong. This summer, he will be working as a photojournalist for Japan Airlines to gain professional experience and insight of the industry. 


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