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2020 XTRAMENTAL Songwriting/Choral Competition


Due to the current escalating situation of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, XTRAMENTAL has decided to postpone the 2020 XTRMAENTAL Songwriting/Choral Competition to a further date, as rehearsals cannot take place in Hong Kong due to bans of gatherings and a closure of performance venues.


The postponed date of the new event will be determined when social and cultural activities resume normal. The deadline of the Songwriting/Choral Competition will be extended until further announcement.

If you have not paid your fee and submitted your work, you could still submit your work and enter the competition as you wish.

If you have already paid your fee and submitted your work, you could do the following:

1. Apply for a full refund of fees and your work will not be competing in the postponed Competition, or

2. Have the work compete in the postponed Competition.

We hope you will all understand the arrangements above, as XTRAMENTAL wishes to proceed the event only when it is safe for our Jury, Composers, Musicians and Audiences to attend. In the meantime, keep composing, stay safe and take care! Let us know if you have any questions. 


XTRAMENTAL announces the 2020 XTRAMENTAL Songwriting/Choral Competition, the aim of which is to promote social cohesion and the values of love, caring and respect in Hong Kong. 


Participation is open to composers regardless of nationality and age.


【Selection and Performance】

Up to 5 selected pieces will be chosen by a jury, comprised of Professional Composers and Musicians.

Those 5 selected pieces will then be rehearsed and performed in XTRAMENTAL’s Musical concert in August 30th, 2020. The final winner will be announced during the concert.


【Awards and Recording】

The winning composer will receive a prize of 500.00USD; and

All composers of selected pieces will receive a certificate and a professional recording of the performance. 


【Instrumentation, Style, Duration, and Text】

The 2020 XTRAMENTAL Songwriting/Choral Competition allows the following instrumentations:

  • The Human Voice (in the forms of: Solo Voice, SA, TB, SSA or SATB)

  • Piano

  • Violin

  • Cello

The Composer may choose to write an a cappella piece, or have accompanying instruments (Piano, Violin and Cello). Subsets of instruments are welcomed as well.

Music of any style are welcomed. The jury is looking for music that can best convey the meaning of the text.

Duration: At most 5 minutes.

Text: English. A written statement by the author or copyright holder for the use of the text must be attached with the submission. The text should convey positive messages of social cohesion, values of love, caring and respect.


【Announcement of Selected Composers and Award Winners】

The results of selected works will be announced by email and online latest on May 20, 2020. The final winner will be announced at the night of the XTRAMENTAL concert on August 30th, 2020.


【Entry Fee】

Entry Fee is 20.00 USD. Please pay the entry fee at before submitting the application.



Submissions must be made on or before 23:59, April 30th, 2020. (GMT+8, Hong Kong Timezone)


【Important Notes before Submission】

  • The work must not be awarded nor published before. Works that had been performed but not awarded nor published are eligible.

  • There are no limits to the number of submissions per composer. Though, an entry fee applies to each submitted work. For example, if a composer submits 2 works, the entry fee in total would be 20*2=40.00USD.

  • By participating in the competition, the Composer is granting XTRAMENTAL to exercise all rights including but not limited to the right to perform, rehearse, broadcast, distribute to any third parties of the submitted work when necessary.

  • The jury’s decision is final.

  • Selected Composers are welcomed to attend the concert. Though, Composers must seek their own accommodation and transport to Hong Kong.

  • Participation in the competition implies full knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.


【Required Documents for Submission】 

Please submit all documents below to before the deadline.

1. PDF of composed work (Please do NOT include Composer’s name)

Which should include: 

-Programme Notes of composed work

-Duration of composed Work

-Clear list of instrumentation and instructions

-Date of Composition

2. Recent Photo of Composer

3. Biography of Composer (in 200 words)

4. Audio file of work, in formats of mp3 or wav (if any, midi realisations accepted as well)

5. Permission from the text author if the text is not in the public domain (if any)

6. Paypal Receipt of Entry Fee

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